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We began this journey by broadcasting live at a local radio station, WVLP, and quickly realized that there was a demand for information about substance use disorder that stretched further than Porter County, Indiana.  It is our hope that through our and our partner's knowledge we can be an entertaining source of education.

Aug 26, 2022

Diana Iltzche and Angela Wehner with Porter-Starke Services Life On Purpose grant, that focuses on older adults pertaining to substance misuse.

Aug 16, 2022

Aubree Adams lived in Colorado when marijuana became legalized. At first, she didn't think it would affect her family much, but she says that it destroyed her family. She feels that marijuana leads to addiction, psychosis and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Hear more about Aubree's story on this episode of Matters...

Aug 2, 2022

Kealah Parkinson is a Communication Coach who helps people cycle out of fight or flight in the moment. She has a radio show on WVLP, Tune In: Radio for Your Mind Body and Soul. The radio show is in it's thrid season.